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Maintenance and repair - Équipement JYL
Équipement JYL


We provide maintenance for all machines, both in our garage and on the road using our service units. Performing maintenance helps preserve the machine's condition and extend its lifespan.

A well-maintained machine is a healthy machine!

At Équipment JYL, we perform oil changes, lubrication, oil testing and filter changes. We can also carry out mandatory maintenance required by the manufacturer to maintain the warranty. Additionally, we can conduct mechanical inspections when necessary.

Équipement JYL


Our mechanics are ready for any project and can modify your machine according to your needs. During the preparation of your machine, we make the necessary changes to install your chosen equipment and accessories.

Our state-of-the-art garage can handle hydraulic, electrical and mechanical issues without any problem. Whether it's valves, engines or pressure adjustments, cylinder and pump repairs, refurbishments and more, we always find the solution.

Moreover, we have mechanics on the road who can travel within 24 hours or less to perform repairs for distant customers.

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